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Caphosol® (supersaturated calcium phosphate rinse) is the only mouth rinse that is scientifically proven to reduce the incidence, severity, duration, and the pain of oral mucositis.1–2

Caphosol® mouth rinse contains calcium and phosphate ions and by regularly swishing Caphosol® around your mouth you help keep it clean and moist. You can use it from 4 to 10 times each day depending on how bad your oral mucositis is3.

Speak to your doctor or nurse if you are worried about oral mucositis.

Download a factsheet about Caphosol® for nurses or patients.

Safety Information:
• If Caphosol® is swallowed accidentally, no adverse effects are expected3
• There are no known interactions with other medicines3
• Reported side effects have been rare and generally mild

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