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How does Caphosol work?

Caphosol is a mouth rinse that is rich in both calcium and phosphate ions. It works by lubricating the mouth and making food easier to swallow.¹

Does Caphosol have side effects?

Reported side effects with Caphosol have been rare and generally mild.

How often should I use Caphosol?

At the start of cancer treatment you should use Caphosol from 4 times per day or up to 10 times if the pain gets worse.

What should I do if I accidently swallow Caphosol?

Don’t worry. No adverse effects are expected if Caphosol is swallowed accidentally.2

Can I eat straight after using Caphosol?

You should avoid eating and drinking for at least 15 minutes after swishing Caphosol.

Will I get more saliva by using Caphosol?

No, Caphosol doesn’t stimulate the production of saliva.

Where can I get Caphosol?

Ask your doctor or nurse for a prescription or buy Caphosol online where available.

When should I start using Caphosol?

If possible, Caphosol treatment (4 times daily) should be started when cancer therapy starts in order to minimise the risk of developing oral mucositis. Dosing can be increased up to 10 times daily if symptoms occur. However, Caphosol treatment can also be initiated at any time during cancer therapy to treat the symptoms of oral mucositis, and in this situation it can also be used up to 10 times per day as needed.

Always speak to your doctor or nurse if you are worried about oral mucositis.

Download a Caphosol patient factsheet for your own information and why not print out a nurse factsheet to give to your nurse.

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