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Swishing Caphosol mouth rinse every day before beginning and during your cancer treatment helps prevent oral mucositis (OM) and treats it if it has already begun.

Caphosol mouth rinse contains calcium and phosphate ions and by regularly swishing Caphosol around your mouth you help keep it clean, moist and free of oral mucositis.

Using Caphosol when starting cancer treatment may reduce the severity of your oral mucositis or stop it happening altogether. You can use it from 4 to 10 times each day depending on how bad your oral mucositis is.

Caphosol is the only mouth rinse that is scientifically proven to help prevent, reduce the duration and the pain of oral mucositis. 1,2

Always speak to your doctor or nurse if you are worried about oral mucositis.

Download a Caphosol patient factsheet for your own information and why not print out a nurse factsheet to give to your nurse.

For more information about Caphosol visit or download the patient information leaflet.
1.Papas AS et al. Bone Marow Transplant 2003;31:705-712.
2.Haas M et al. 50th ASTRO congress 2008;abstract 2530.