How do I use Caphosol®

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Caphosol is very easy to use and comes in two different coloured ampoules. One ampoule contains the phosphate ions and the other contains the calcium ions. You need to mix the two ampoules together before swishing.1 You can use Caphosol along side other treatments, as there are no known interactions with other therapies but ideally other treatments should not be mixed with Caphosol®.

To use Caphosol properly there are a few simple steps to follow:

*The ampoules do not need to be poured simultaneously into a glass

You can use Caphosol between 4 and 10 times each day depending on the condition of your mouth. You should avoid using other mouth rinses, eating and drinking for at least 15 minutes after swishing Caphosol.

Always speak to your doctor or nurse if you are worried about oral mucositis.

Download a Caphosol patient factsheet for your own information and why not print out a nurse factsheet to give to your nurse.

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