This website has been created for anyone who wants to know more about oral mucositis. Maybe you're a friend, brother, sister, mother or father of someone going through chemotherapy or radiation? Or perhaps you're a patient yourself? However you are connected, here you can find out more about oral mucositis and the ways you can help tackle it. You might even come across a reason to smile along the way.

For too many people cancer treatment means oral mucositis (OM). learn more about OM

You may have a painful ulcer in your mouth occasionally, but during chemotherapy and radiation many more usually appear. They can even be as big as one and a half inches across. This condition is called oral mucositis which sometimes makes it difficult for people to eat and speak.

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There are ways you can be proactive about oral mucositis and take control. learn how to manage OM

There is no need to accept oral mucositis as an unavoidable side effect of cancer therapy, as there are things that can be done to manage it. After all, it’s hard enough dealing with cancer without having to cope with the side effects of treatment too.